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Leading teenagers into a life-changing walk with Christ.

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As the Youth Minister of Temple Baptist Church, I believe that the youth of today need to have a safe and loving environment in order to grow. The youth of today are our future. They need somewhere that they can come and learn the truths of the bible and Our Lord Jesus Christ. They also need to feel wanted and loved and the whole counsel of God and a church that will love and support, not judge and ignore. Here at Temple I believe they will get this and much more to enable them to grow. I believe they need to see Christ in all who are children of God, young and old alike with a genuineness of heart. I will do my very best to offer this to each youth that attends our church.

Sonny Swank

Youth Minister



Youth Minister


Youth Leader


Youth Leader

Youth Activities

Current and Upcoming events for our Youth!

29 may 2018

Road Trip!!

Our amazing youth is leaving today to go on a mission trip! Please pray for our Youth Leaders and Youth as they travel and pray that they have an amazing time! We also hope and pray that they bring back great memories that they will always remember. 

28 april 2018

Yard Sale!

Our amazing youth is having a yard sale at the Church to raise money for their upcoming trip! If you'd like to buy some goodies or donate to them, stop by and see them in action!

21 april 2018

Car Wash!

Our Youth is wanting to get your rides all clean and shiny! If you want to support them and help raise money for their upcoming trip, come by and get your car worshed!